The way one wears their hair is an evocative reflection of their psyche, almost echoing their school of thought. Their notions and conceptions, manner of living is mirrored vividly through the hairdos they sport.  In the contemporary age, there are an immense amount of hairstyles that we can experiment  with, that can be ascribed to the vast crop of hairstylists and hair salons that have sprung up all over the place over the past few years. At the outset, these stemmed up as mere places of self indulgence for the affluent but are increasingly turning out to be an indispensable part of our lives. Essential indeed they are today, vindicated by brimming salons even at the most odd hours and our ever soaring reliance upon them for the urbanity that we exude owing to our hairdos.
My essay captures, through the variegated snaps that I have shot the tremendous heterogeneity amongst ourselves as can be descried by one’s hair mannerisms.

The Long Black Mane                                                                                                                                Model: Ashlesha Sanjiva                                                                                                                               Ahh, the banality of those long black tresses swept over to one side worn artlessly without an ounce of the hairstylists’ spadework ! An almost sempiternal hair mannerism; it’s elegance is never to peter out. Anyone wearing their hair in such a manner does inevitably have an orthodox, conformist attitude towards life succumbing to the set archetype of the various facets of life principally that of beauty and appeal. She expresses absolutely no will to refashion, holding them(hair) as a mark of marvel and constancy. As ordinary as it may be, it never ceases to charm men, does it? It stands apart, with a classic distinction.
The Top Knot                                                                                                                                              Model: Jaanvi Mukherjii                                                                                                                               Another trendy hair mannerism, quite in vogue these days chiefly because of it’s substantial comfort value. Another hairdo to beat the sizzling summer heat, it’s as effortless as styling your hair could ever get taking barely a few minutes and minimalistic. It’s one of those girl next door hairstyles that could sweep you. She is unarguably a happy go lucky, nonchalant young mind without a care in the world grabbing life by the horns, tackling the challenges that her life throws as they come. Curled up in a corner with a classical romance novel, she is addled to romance; it being her pipe dream, an attainable one.
The Pony Tail                                                                                                                                             Model: Vageesha Ranjan                                                                                                                               The uncomplicated and easily manageable ponytail. It works anywhere and everywhere, making one look all spruce and well groomed. Just pull your hair high securing them tightly into a hair band and Voila! you are all geared up for the day. The most painless way to style your hair and yet look sophisticated and civilized even when you’re having the worst of days. She doesn’t fuss over too much upon styling and dabbing her skin. She simply makes her hair into a neat pony tail and heads for work without throwing away much time. The sober, earthy woman amongst the many other fashion crazy.
The Man Bun                                                                                                                                               Model: Sameer Singh                                                                                                                                   How would man in the days of yore have possible looked like? Long grown, wild hair; so overgrown that they had to be tied into a bun. Beastly and savage, that’s how one would paint a word picture of him, isn’t it? Today, the same look assumes a more modish form with a gentle application of gel. That’s as chic a stone age man could get! He is possibly quite a progressive individual, a trendsetter; his hairstyle quite a rage all over.
A Flare Of Red                                                                                                                                                   Model: Vishakha Srivastava                                                                                                                             A flicker of red, is bound to grab you amidst even a sea of people. The bottom of the her hair are awash with a vivid shade of red; it’s brilliant light that the color pitches onto us seeks you wholly. She seems to be in pursuit of attention and recognition as the deep red hues are quite evidently a major attention seeker. It might be probably years of neglection by either family or peers that has surfaced as this strand of her persona, which is vying for attention. Her hair mannerism is just a very subtle hint at her psyche which otherwise might not occur to us, not discernible in the least.
The Bunny Hair                                                                                                                                          Model: Anya Rido                                                                                                                                                 Haven’t we seen innumerable kids trotting down the block leaping about here and there joyously with two tiny ponies and the rest of the hair falling down.? A rare sight amongst teenagers since it is apparently too ‘uncool’ for adolescents to sport such a look. The girl is perceptibly still, a child at heart unlike others her age although she might come across as a bit too quirky or eccentric to her friends. While everybody seeks to earn maturity and be revered for their dexterity, here she is unaffected by the ways of the world, venturous enough to bring out her unworldly, childlike innocence; unabashed by and slightly oblivious to what people may say.
The Upper Cut                                                                                                                                            Model: Devansh Pawar                                                                                                                                     A cult classic, it is gaining immense popularity nowadays, almost trending; further boosted by the soaring temperatures. It brings great relief in those exceedingly hot afternoons, the sun blazing overhead. No more of sweat soaked hair or beads of sweat trickling down the air. There’s an air of optimism about him, an undaunted, fierce will to experiment with his hair. He is, as might be palpable, is fairly passionate about some sport since sporting conditions in the subcontinent can be extreme; necessitating such hair mannerisms. He gives the notion of a robust, sturdy and rugged person; in affinity with the most harsh.
The Sniper Cut                                                                                                                                               Model: Rehul Ghag                                                                                                                                             A departure from the usual monotony that boys’ hairstyles ordinarily are like; seeking to reinvent the typical hair mannerisms. The slightly sniped off hair at the lower back of his head in a zig zag fashion is a novelty indeed; revealing similar male and female cravings for trendy hairdos. It’s not only women who hit the hair salon each weekend. Men love to experiment upon their hairstyles as well. This is precisely how one could delineate a meterosexual man. Ahh, the wonders that a mere scrape off could do. Isn’t it eye catching? Just as the sniped off hair seem out of the ordinary, he too thinks quite out of the box, breaking off the conventions. Inventive, as I would call him.
The Regal Bun                                                                                                                                            Model: Shaleen Jha                                                                                                                                     Braids and braids, so many, twisted and curled up together into a messy although utterly graceful bun. An essentially elegant feminine hair mannerism that reveal her tender ladylike personality. It has an exquisite, regal touch to it. An epitome of poise and finesse, if it might be agreeable to say so. It could be assumed that her conception of beauty and appeal would be rather archaic, given the principally feminal manner in which she has worn her hair. More so, her efforts and her adeptness at styling her hair is discernible, quite clearly. She looks to be heavily influenced by the medieval European era; the hairdo is fairly reminiscent of it.

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